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There's just one more sleep until Christmas, and in anticipation of the holiday, Google has a new doodle and a Santa Tracker, for those kids (and grown-ups) who want to keep track of the big guy as he makes his way around the world, delivering presents to everyone on his Nice list.

First, the Doodle, which doesn't directly acknowledge Christmas beyond the glimpse of the word Google on what appear to be gift boxes in the background.

It's a colorful image that celebrates toys, which are probably universally adored the world over.

For those with kids or simply an appreciation for Santa Claus, Google has the SantaTracker up and running. It gives us a look at Santa's Dashboard, to show us where he is and check in on his latest status update…

The Dashboard also shows us how far he's traveled, how many presents he's delivered in total so far, and what his next location is.

And you can also check out the map (click the little map icon in the green part in the upper left corner) to see where he's been already.

Much in the way Google Maps function works, you can drag the map around to see the other locations. Clicking the pins on the maps shows us what time he arrived, what the weather was (courtesy of The Weather Channel) and how many presents were delivered to that location. This looks like something fun to check in on for those who need a break from wrapping presents or doing a bit of last minute shopping ahead of tomorrow's big day!