Heart Warming Footage At African Orphanage, Don't Worry Sarah McLachlan Isn't Involved

Take a break from what you’re doing today and watch this video. Don’t worry, it’s not one of those sad Sarah Mclachlan-esque videos, this one will make you happy. A man returns to a South African orphanage after a six month absence and the kids couldn’t be happier to see him! It’s the kind of video that makes you sit and wonder why you aren’t doing more to help children in need.

Most orphanages are thought to be sad places with children equally as depressed. These children, however, are laughing, singing, and playing without a care in the world and I love it. Maybe it’s because they have a guy like the one in this video to keep them entertained. The story of this guy begins with his brother, who skipped a plane home to remain assisting this orphanage in 2012. Since then his brother (the guy with the Go Pro) has visited numerous times and worked to make a better life for these children. Most of the children are orphans having lost both of their parents to the AIDS epidemic in Africa.

Since posting this video the two have gone viral around the web and raised over $7,000 for the children in the video! While that’s impressive, they are still short of their $12,000 goal. The 12k will cover the operations cost of the orphanage for the next year, and keep these faces smiling. That thousand dollar a month price tag covers food, electricity, school supplies, books, formula and diapers for the babies. Amazing how little an amount it would take to make thirty children’s lives better.

There are plenty stretch goals these brothers are trying to reach that would greatly improve these children's standard of living. After the cost of living for the year is funded, all excess funds will go towards new bedding for the children, kitchen supplies, and a computer lab for the children to better learn. There is also plans to purchase a car for staff and a van to transport the children to events around the area. It’s good to know with as much suffering as there is in the world these guys are doing a small bit to make some kids lives across the world much better. If you would wish to donate you can do so at this link.

Mick Joest
Content Producer

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