Will Henry Cavill And Kaley Cuoco's Relationship Last?

Henry Cavill may not wear the cape in real life, but that doesn’t mean some of that superhero sex appeal doesn’t still work on women outside the big screen. The longtime Tutors star, who recently vaulted onto the A-list thanks to his lead in Man Of Steel, has a new girlfriend, and she’s pretty damn famous in her own right too.

According to US Magazine, Cavill recently began dating Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco. Neither member of the duo has spoken out publically about the new coupling as of yet, but now that the word is out there, it seems a little obvious in retrospect, or at least it should to Cuoco’s more than one million Twitter followers. Remember when she sent this gigantic, red-caped signal out into the world?

I vividly remember thinking, “Wow, she must really love Man Of Steel” the first time I saw that picture, but now, I will obviously never look at the shot the same way again. With our current knowledge, it can’t be read any other way than an amused girl slipping in a secret laugh and brag post about how her new boyfriend is a) super famous, b) super hot, c) super successful and d) ready to beat some bad guy ass. I’d make fun of her, but seriously, who among us wouldn’t also take a picture next to a movie poster if it prominently featured our significant other?

In the past, both Cavill and Cuoco may have been linked to other famous people. Recently, the former was involved with action starlet Gina Carano, and the latter was engaged to addiction specialist Josh Resnik and later gave it a go with musician Bret Bollinger. Obviously, none of those relationships worked out, but if there’s a real spark between Cavill and Cuoco, it’s a good thing those other attempts failed. Besides, if these two ever have children, their kids will be among the cutest in all of Hollywood.

Cuoco might have a pretty big following on Twitter and occasionally get pumped about discussing her bangs, but in general, she’s a pretty quiet person who avoids the tabloid headlines. Likewise, he’s never been a guy that’s gotten into a lot of trouble or attracted a slew of photographers. In theory, that should make Kaley and Henry uniquely suited to actually make this work. Given their crazy schedules and how often relationships fail in Hollywood, however, these two are still going to have to really work to succeed over the long haul.

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