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When Is It Acceptable To Start Listening To Christmas Music?

It seems like I have this argument every year. There’s no internationally recognized day in which it’s appropriate to begin listening to Christmas music. As a result, some festive and eager fans start cranking Bing Crosby the day after Thanksgiving while others wait until two weeks prior to the big day. Of course, this wouldn’t be a big issue if everyone was down with hearing Jesus and Santa anthems at any point, but alas, that’s simply not the case. Some people have very strong opinions about hearing Christmas music outside their desired window.

I suspect preferences often boil down to when people typically begin feeling in the Christmas spirit. We all know enthusiasts who start wearing goofy sweaters nearly a month in advance, and we all know curmudgeons who barely even notice the season until Christmas Eve. Not surprisingly, the former tend to set their car radios to stations keen on playing seasonal anthems as soon as certain outlets convert while the latter won’t even think about altering their playlists until at least the week of.

I tend to be an anytime-in-December-is-appropriate kind of guy, but to be honest, my dedication to Christmas music continually escalates throughout the month. I’ll mix in some holiday tracks the first couple weeks and then switch over to exclusively St Nick shit by like the 20th.

What about you? When do you think it’s acceptable to begin listening to Christmas music? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

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Mack Rawden
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