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Twenty years ago, comedienne Janeane Garofalo and writer Rob Cohen took a break from The Ben Stiller Show to hit up Las Vegas. The two were dating at the time, and after a few drinks, they decided to drunkenly get married while inside a cab at a drive-thru wedding chapel. In the sober light of day, the two decided not to go down to the courthouse and sign any paperwork, but it turns out they didn’t have to. They were legally married and had no idea until Cohen, now engaged, was told by his lawyer that he needed to divorce his first wife prior to his wedding.

According to The New York Post, Garofalo and Cohen, who now produces Big Bang Theory, went down to the TD Bank in Midtown and officially dissolved the strange union on Saturday. Barring any strange wrinkles or kinks, this should pave the way for Cohen to marry Jimmy Kimmel Live producer Jill Leiderman at some point in the near future.

The humorous story came out during a reunion for The Ben Stiller Show over the weekend, and not surprisingly, it earned a lot of laughs from Cohen and Garofalo’s former co-workers. Judd Apatow jokingly asked who benefitted more financially from the split, to which Cohen quipped he got her Reality Bites money.

This strange marriage situation had the potential to be awkward and bitter, but luckily, it seems everyone involved treated it as the goofiness it truly was. Here’s to hoping Cohen’s new union works out a little better.