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Joe Flacco Drops F-Bomb After Super Bowl Victory

Ravens quarterback and Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco had a good game tonight, and after the Ravens won this year’s title the man, like the rest of the team, was on the field giving hugs and making exclamatory statements. Unlike some of his teammates, Flacco was the only player caught throwing out an f-bomb, although I will note it was an obscenity with a positive bent.

Super Bowl flubs and subsequent fines from the FCC have happened more than once over the years, but this time Flacco’s mistake doesn’t seem to be too big of a deal. The quarterback clearly didn’t realize he was on camera, and while the f-bomb is pretty loud, if you weren’t paying close attention after the game, you probably didn’t even realize it happened. Besides, at least Flacco hollers ,“This is fucking awesome” and doesn’t use the term in a disgruntled or angry manner.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure the FCC will see the occurrence in the same way. Depending on whether or not the game, which aired on CBS, was completely live or under a slight tape delay, the Federal Communications Commission may see fit to hand out a fine. We’ll let you know if the one small curse word gets completely blown out of proportion. Until then, you should take a look at that video, over and over again.

On a separate note, if anyone has footage of the Ravens player who created snow angels out of the confetti blanketing the field, please let me know. That simple action made me smile more than Flacco’s enthusiastic f-bomb.

Jessica Rawden
Jessica Rawden

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