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John Doe #1 may have set the entire John Travolta media circus into motion, but he’s decided to step away from the fight. In the face of irrefutable proof the actor was in New York when the Los Angeles incident supposedly happened, the anonymous masseur has decided to withdraw his portion of the lawsuit and slip off quietly into the night. With accuser number three having not filed any legal action and the emergence of John Doe #2’s resignation email that doesn’t even mention sexual harassment, the case against Travolta seems to be sputtering fast.

At least that’s the message the celebrity’s attorney Marty Singer has been giving to all who will listen today. The litigator released a statement to TMZ claiming his client has been “completely vindicated” by the first accuser dropping his lawsuit, and he fully expects the exact same thing will happen with the second lawsuit as well. Singer stopped short of declaring absolute victory, but subtext that he thinks this mess will be overly shortly is very clear.

With every new day, it seems we’re given more and more reasons to believe John Travolta and less and less reasons to believe those making the allegations against him. In the first few days, it seemed like this would turn into a lawsuit featuring dozens of masseurs. Now, I’m not even sure if any will make it to trial.

What do you think? Do you agree with Marty Singer? Will John Travolta soon be vindicated? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

Is A Travolta Victory Coming?

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