While our favorite stateside alcoholic has just been released from house arrest, over on the other side of the pond, a more tragic tale is unfolding. Jonathan Rhys Meyers, a longtime sufferer of alcoholism was released from the hospital Wednesday morning after a near-fatal mix of pills and liquor.

People reports that the 33-year old actor was found on the floor of his house Tuesday night. Paramedics responded to an emergency call to the house and were the ones who found him. No word on who placed the emergency call for medics.

Meyers apparently refused the help of paramedics and was unhappy to see them. Police, or Scotland Yard if you prefer, were called in for back up. He was then taken to the hospital for monitoring as he had reportedly mixed alcohol and pills, a lethal cocktail that has claimed many. Rumors circulated that it was a botched suicide attempt, but apparently it was just a deep alcohol binge. A source revealed that it was merely a relapse and not a suicide attempt. No official statement has been released from Meyer’s camp.

Perhaps it’s time Meyers seeks treatment. Any sequel that follows an episode like this could easily be his last. Perhaps a decent dose of rehab or some time off? He apparently has two films in post-production and but nothing else since his wildly successful TV show Tudors wrapped up in 2010. Meyers is still a young actor, with a decent career ahead of him if he chooses his work more carefully. Should he decide to pace himself with projects, perhaps there would be less cause for a meltdown. Hopefully, he can overcome the addiction and get back into acting lest he end up like Lindsey or Pete Doherty.

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