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Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley decided to go the adoption route three years ago. The happy couple welcomed in Naleigh from South Korea, and apparently, the first try went so well, they decided they needed to get back on the horse again.

The duo’s joint publicist issued a statement to E! News this afternoon confirming the new addition to the family, but beyond the mystery little guy or girl’s basic presence, nothing whatsoever is known. It could be a seven-year-old boy from Malaysia or, as the National Enquirer is claiming, a baby girl from Louisiana. The latter sounds believable enough, but we’ll hold off on verifying that until either Heigl or Kelley feels comfortable enough to tell someone the specifics on the record.

The former Grey’s Anatomy actress has made no secret about her excitement over having a family the past few years, and while this new addition will no doubt add extra work to her plate, it should also pay off in smiles and satisfaction. Only time will tell if it’ll alter her movie schedule in anyway, but as a mother, it would be understandable if she cut back a wee bit more.

Pop Blend sends out its warmest congratulations to Heigl and Kelley, as well as the newest member of their family. Here’s to hoping he or she will take advantage of the comforts and opportunities being the child of a celebrity will offer.

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