After being absent and making no parental decisions over the past week, Katherine Jackson allegedly reached out with a call to the family home last night, but if the stories are to be believed, it wasn’t exactly an “I miss you”. The eighty-two-year-old matriarch reportedly phoned early this morning around 2 AM and again at 4 AM demanding the children’s security team be fired and replaced by Janet Jackson’s team. She also supposedly wanted Trent kicked off the property immediately.

Not surprisingly, her pleas fell on deaf ears, and no one was fired or forced to vacate. According to TMZ, those who heard the call are reportedly saying Katherine sounded very drugged up. The family is apparently very concerned for her safety and is still convinced she was systematically removed from her home by some of her children in order to challenge Michael’s will.

Katherine’s attorney told a judge this morning she feels her client has been drugged and is being kept against her will. Those same thoughts were echoed by grandson TJ’s lawyer who sought and won the stable, married father figure to Paris, Prince and Blanket temporary guardianship over the children in Katherine’s absence.

There are reports circulating that Katherine may be on her way back to California. If this is true, we may finally got a resolution to the appalling circus that has gone on over the past two weeks.

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