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When Pirates actress Keira Knightley first began dating James Righton, it sort of seemed like a rebound. The actress had just ended a five-year relationship with actor Rupert Friend, and it was widely speculated she took up with the musician to try something new. As weeks turned into months however, positively cute pictures began emerging of the new pair strolling through London arm-in-arm and smiling like they’d never been happier. Back in February, Knightley and Righton celebrated one year together, and now, they’ve decided to make an even bigger commitment.

According to The Daily Mail, Righton recently proposed to Knightley and she said yes. The news was officially confirmed by her publicist who, unfortunately, offered up no more details whatsoever. We don’t know where he proposed, what type of ring she has, when a ceremony might take place. We’ve been given nothing, but then again, that’s classic Knightley. She’s always guarded her personal life zealously, and it seems unlikely she’ll deviate from that plan in the future.

As for Righton, he’s the keyboardist for the British indie band Klaxons. The group generated some heat following its first LP Myths Of The Near Future, but as of yet, they haven’t broken out in a big way. The guys are based in London though they tour all over.

Pop Blend sends out its sincerest congratulations to both Knightley and Righton as they look to spend the rest of their lives together. It won’t be easy, but with love and determination, they can make it to the finish line.

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