Kobe Bryant hasn’t completely won his way back into longtime wife Vanessa’s good graces, but he’s reportedly scored enough points with his estranged wife over the past few months that she’s going to hold off on signing the divorce papers. Because the couple lives in California, a six month waiting period is in play before any split can be approved by the court. That waiting period is scheduled to end this upcoming weekend, but supposedly, it will pass with the Bryants still technically man and wife.

According to TMZ, Kobe and Vanessa have spent a ton of time together lately, and the relationship is supposedly far better than it was when she walked. Unfortunately for the Lakers guard, he hasn’t been asked to move back in with the family yet. He likely won’t rest too easily until he gets the go-ahead on that front, but considering how hellbent he seems to win back his wife’s love, it’s hard to argue things haven’t gone very well for him.

There are a lot of professional athletes who are clearly trainwreck husbands. Kobe has admittedly made some mistakes, but he also always seems to want to have his wife and kids around as much as possible. That’s a great sign, and if he can keep it together over the long haul, it might really be the better call for her to take him back. We shall see.

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