Kristen Stewart's Mom: I'm Not Breeding Wolves Inside My House

Between her daughter’s much-publicized cheating scandal and her own divorce, K-Stew’s mother Jules has gotten pretty comfortable with fending off unfounded accusations. That being said, I’m not sure she was even remotely prepared for what her neighbor accused her of recently.

Apparently, Jules’ neighbor Sue Bemi is convinced the longtime script supervisor has been harboring wolves on her property. The two women got into a confrontation over the matter late in April, and more recently, they’ve been hashing out their problems through lawyers. Stewart reportedly told the neighbor the animals are actually large dogs, but Bemi doesn’t buy the explanation at all. In fact, according to TMZ, the lady recently told the court Stewart admitted to her that the howling beasts are wolves.

It’s unclear whether any of these wolf allegations have to do with Kristen’s starring role in Twilight and essentially boil down to the ravings of a madwoman convinced Jacob and his pack are real. After all, it’s not as if homeowners in Los Angeles are known for their surreptitious lupine breeding schemes, but I suppose it’s also possible the dogs’ barking have howlish qualities to their tones. That would definitely be less fantastical and absurd.

In the interest of maintaining peace, a judge granted a restraining order to Stewart that requires Bemi stay off of her property. Hopefully, that measure will simply be abided by, and everyone can put this utterly bizarre controversy behind them. If not, we will, of course, keep you updated on the legal squabbling as it makes its way through the court system.

Mack Rawden
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