Living in a freezing cold climate might present its share of challenges, but it also allows residents to see a completely different version of natural beauty most of us never get a chance to experience and to have fun in strange and bizarre ways. From bobsledding to snowmobiling, living up North offers its share of perks, one of which is apparently getting to hear the coolest sound in the world.

This past winter, YouTube user Cari Scholtens published a video showing what happens when you throw a golf ball onto a frozen lake. Rather than crashing through or sliding, it makes an utterly bizarre almost plopping sound, as it bounces all the way to the other side. To be perfectly frank, the noise sounds like it was made using computers, but that’s probably because big cities are way too busy to ever be silent enough for sound to travel this far.

God only knows how many people this video will inspire to run out to their local lakes with golf balls the next time it’s cold enough for water to freeze, but you can bet your ass I will be among them. Here’s to hoping we all get the sound we’ll be listening for.

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