Everything about the Super Bowl is bigger. From the crowds to the expense sheets, it all gets jacked up exponentially, including the press conferences. On any given in-season NFL week, some of the players, coaches and general managers speak with the press, but during the lead up to the Super Bowl, there’s an incredible amount of time devoted to making headlines. The Giants and Patriots already had there turns in front of the microphone; today was Madonna’s time to shine.

The Material Girl is set to perform for twelve minutes during halftime, and much about the performance is still shrouded in secrecy. Speaking to reporters, Madonna said that subterfuge was intentional, but she did offer a little bit of information as to what viewers might expect. According to MTV, she’ll be performing four songs, one of which will be her upcoming single “Give Me All Your Luvin”. That leaves enough time for three well-known classics, but considering her expansive back catalog, that really doesn’t narrow down the choices too much.

Earlier this week, a rumored set list popped onto the Internet that featured the aforementioned new track in addition to “Vogue”, “Music” and “Ray of Light”, but Madonna’s publicist quickly shot that down. Of course, that doesn’t mean those three picks weren’t correct. We’ll just have to wait and see what she chooses for the greatest show on Earth.

That’s how Madonna described the pressure to Anderson Cooper earlier this week during a sitdown. She said everyone expects to see the greatest show on Earth, which is a realization that’s been hanging over her head. Personally, I highly doubt we’ll see something quite so magical from Madonna, but considering how badly many singers have failed, I’d be happy if she was just pretty good.

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