Man Dressed As Bigfoot Run Over And Killed By 15-Year-Old Girl

When forty-four-year-old Randy Lee Tenley put on his costume Sunday evening, he was hoping a few passing motorists would mistake him for Bigfoot and call in the sightings to the local paper. Unfortunately, two of those passing motorists, both teenage girls, never noticed him and wound up running the poor bastard over. Authorities were called to the scene, but by the time they arrived, nothing could be done. He was quickly pronounced dead, leaving his friends and family members to wonder how such an amusing hobby turned so tragic.

According to The Daily Interlake, police were unsure of what happened when they first arrived, but after they interviewed the drivers and Tenley’s friends, the full story began to emerge. Apparently, the victim put on a Ghillie suit, a disguise commonly worn by snipers to blend into the terrain, around 10:30 and headed out to US 93 near Kalispel, Montana. Shortly thereafter, he began walking in the right lane near the shoulder, hoping someone would whiz past, get a glimpse of his hairy appearance and think he’d seen Bigfoot. Sadly, one of the first cars to come by belonged to a fifteen-year-old girl. She never saw the non-Sasquatch and plowed right into him. Moments later, a seventeen-year-old girl in a separate vehicle sped by and ran over his body.

The autopsy results have not come back yet, but police think alcohol may have played a role in Tenley’s decision-making. Regardless, Pop Blend’s thoughts go out those who knew the victim as well as the drivers who are no doubt wrestling with a flood of emotions.

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