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Twenty-nine-year-old Adrian Carter thought popping a VirilisPro prior to having hotel room sex would really take the experience to a new level. Unfortunately, the hook-up turned into a disgusting, bloody disaster that may prevent the dude from ever getting an erection again. Now Carter is pointing the finger at the makers of VirilisPro with a new lawsuit, but experts aren’t so sure whether the supplement is really to blame.

The incident in question occurred last year. Carter and his unidentified “paramour” were fornicating in a Houston motel room when blood began frantically squirting out of his penis and onto the sheets, the walls and the mirror. After arriving at the emergency room, doctors “degloved” his penis, removing the skin and repairing the urethra because it had “separated completely”.

According to The New York Daily News, Carter was forced to use a catheter and was told he might never have children again. After weighing his options, he decided to file a lawsuit earlier this week seeking unspecified monetary damages. His paperwork doesn’t point out any other instances in which a male-enhancement supplement has caused such a horrendous side effect, but given there are reportedly pictures of what happened, Carter will probably get the sympathy vote with potential jurors.

The makers of VirilisPro haven’t responded to the allegations, but when they do, we’ll be sure to bring you their take.

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