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Michigan Boy Finds Finger In Arby's Junior Roast Beef Sandwich

They tell you to be calm and collected while working in the kitchen of a restaurant. It doesn’t really benefit anyone to scream bloody murder at the sight of an insect or an ingredient that’s gone bad, but apparently, there are random occasions in which a prep cook should scream her head off. At least that seems to be the takeaway message from an ugly and sort of hilarious incident that happened at an Arby’s in Jackson, Michigan last Friday.

An unidentified female employee was working the meat slicer when she lost focus for a second and severed a significant portion of her finger. Like a champion, she calmly made her way to the bathroom to stop the bleeding. Unfortunately, none of her fellow Arby-ites realized what happened, and they swooped in and used the meat she’d just cut for roast beef sandwiches.

According to The New York Daily News, it was a fourteen-year-old named Ryan Hart who eventually discovered the finger in his Bad Mood Food. He was going to town on his junior roast beef sandwich when he bit into something he later described as rubbery. Hart spit the bite into a napkin, and after some careful detective work by the boy and his little brother, they concluded it was a finger. Not surprisingly, their mother was less than pleased.

She’s reportedly contacted a lawyer but hasn’t decided whether or not she’ll file a lawsuit. I hope they don’t. This whole situation might be gross, but it was clearly an unfortunate mix-up. Moments after Hart and company drove away from the drive-thru, employees discovered what happened and closed the restaurant. Both the poor employee and the unlucky kid were treated and released from the hospital. If I were the Hart’s, I’d simply parlay the experience into free Arby’s for life. That sounds like a fair and delicious deal for everyone.

Mack Rawden

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