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Modern Family actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson has been engaged to lawyer Justin Mikita since July. They plan to get married this summer, which means they are in the throes of wedding planning right now. Luckily, it seems as if a lot of the details concerning the ceremony and especially the afterparty are coming along nicely.

For instance, the couple has decided to hire a great mixologist to come up with cocktails for the big event. Ferguson and Mikita spoke to People at the recent Tie the Knot party to discuss some of the wedding details. Mikita says the mixologist is a high priority for the couple.
"We really want a great mixologist for a craft cocktail bar. We are looking around for one. There are some great New York speakeasies like Milk and Honey. So we're trying to bring a cool vibe like that to our wedding."

This sounds like a solid, trendy and particularly expensive idea. Luckily, they have a savvy wedding planner to help them with all the details, which Ferguson seems to think was a great idea to help him avoid being a “groomzilla.”
"No Groomzilla here. We have a really great wedding planner who is managing everything. It's been very exciting. I'm very picky about things, and everything is coming together nicely."

The two have also put together the Tie the Knot Foundation an organization working to help marriage equality groups and organizations. You can learn more about the organization on the Tie the Knot site, and while you are there, you can even learn to tie a bowtie.

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