Most people might think Nadya Suleman had too many children, but that doesn’t mean they think she’s a truly atrocious parent. Just days after the general public treated sexual abuse allegations made by two of Octomom’s nannies with much skepticism, the local district attorney has decided no charges will be filed in the matter.

According to TMZ, the former employees claim they told Suleman one of her older kids was sexually abusing one of the little ones. They allege she did nothing and went to the police for the victim's protection. Suleman, however, has a far different story. She claims the women are crazy and obsessed with taking her children. At this point, it seems like prosecutors definitely believe Suleman, but these issues can change in a minute if more evidence emerges.

There’s a big difference between making some stupid decisions and being a truly evil person. It would take a truly evil person to turn her back on sexual abuse going on within her house, and there’s just no indication Suleman doesn’t have the best of intentions with her children.

Without any crazy left hand turns, this will likely be the last we hear of this matter. It’s unlikely Suleman will release any public statements, and now that the nannies' claims have been rejected by the DA this quickly, it’s unlikely any news outlets will want to speak to them. If anything changes, however, we’ll keep you updated.

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