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One Track Sunday: X Factor's Tate Stevens Releases His First Video

Just a couple of months ago, country singer Tate Stevens became the second winner of Fox’s The X Factor, earning a contract and a deal with Pepsi. He’s been pretty quick out of the gate and has now released the “Holler if You’re with Me” music video, just ahead of tonight’s Grammys, when a clip from the video is set to premiere.

When Stevens was a contestant on The X Factor, the songs he enjoyed singing the most were always rollicking, fast-paced country songs about having a good time. Thus, it’s no surprise that “Holler if You’re with Me,” the first big track the singer has released, is a song about partying with solo cups. The solo cup line kind of makes the song seem a little less clever than it is, but truly, Stevens’ new song is a nice little track implementing plenty of violin as well as more than a couple catchy lines. It may not be the biggest pop crossover hit that I’ve heard, but that was never really Stevens’ bent to begin with.

While the video on Stevens’ personal page hasn’t done major traffic, the video is sponsored by Pepsi and the video’s re-release on the Pepsi page, yesterday, has brought in over 13,000 page views. Stevens only began working on his freshman album last month, but is expected to have it completed by this spring. Additionally, Stevens co-wrote several songs on the album, so expect the man to have some imprint on his own work.

Jessica Rawden

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