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Paula Patton and Robin Thicke’s separation may have surprised the pair’s hardcore fans, but those closest to the couple are starting to speak off the record and paint the picture of a relationship that hasn’t exactly been the picture of health. In fact, if these unnamed sources are to be believed, the two actually talked extensively about breaking up before officially cutting the cord over the weekend.

According to US Weekly, the marriage has been “unraveling for a long time”. It was still strong enough last summer following the now infamous Miley Cyrus performance and butt grab photo to go on a full scale media assault defending their marriage, but obviously, the larger situation didn’t exactly bring the two closer together.

Patton and Thicke have known each other for more than two decades. After a lengthy period of dating, they finally tied the knot in 2005 and produced their first child in 2010, a son named Julian. Over the past half decade or so, both of their popularities have soared exponentially. She’s emerged as a reliable actress who can be trusted to headline movies with smaller budgets, and he’s started cranking out hit songs, including “Blurred Lines”, which took the world by storm last year. That’s been wonderful for their professional lives, but no doubt all that constant go-go-go really helped to cause the rift in their private lives. Few things do in a relationship faster than too much space.

Pop Blend’ sincerest thoughts go out to Patton and Thicke during this time of need. Here’s to hoping they’re able to get on the same page and continue to co-parent in the best interests of their son.

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