For years, Paulina Gretzky drove her famous hockey-playing father Wayne crazy with her rather scandalous Instagram account and wild personal life, but in the last year or so, she’s settled down quite a bit, likely thanks to her relationship with PGA Tour golfer Dustin Johnson. The two have been together since roughly the start of 2013, but thanks to one rather surprising question, they’re now planning to be together for a whole lot longer.

This weekend, Johnson unexpectedly popped the question to Gretzky, and she gave him the yes he was looking for. I’m not going to say her decision was directly tied to the size of the rock he offered up, but do yourself a favor and check out the beautiful, hulking beast of a ring below…

According to ESPN, Johnson and Gretzky first started raising eyebrows in Honolulu during the Tournament of Champions. She was in the crowd to root him on as he won the prized season starter. The next week, Paulina came back alongside her father Wayne and mother Janet, and everyone got along great. Wayne and Dustin’s partnership at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am is great evidence of that, as is the Gretzky family’s public response in the last day to news of the engagement.

Over the last few years, Johnson has slowly elevated himself into one of the most consistent and popular guys on Tour. He’s had a few shots at winning majors too, but thus far, none of those opportunities have broken his way. Still, 6 top ten finishes in majors before a man’s thirtieth birthday to go along with 7 PGA Tour victories are nothing to scoff at.

Pop Blend’s sincerest congratulations go out to the entire Gretzky and Johnson families. Paulina and Dustin may not have dated as long as most prior to their engagement, but with love, affection and plenty of resources, there’s no reason to think these two can’t find long-term happiness, build a special life together and for the sake of future generations, procreate several times. I have no idea what their babies might look like, but I can tell you they certainly wouldn’t be ugly and they’d have damn good eye hand coordination…

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