Pretty In Camo: Dad Makes His Daughter A Custom Camouflage Prom Dress

Prom can be an expensive affair. While some parents will give their daughters hundreds or even thousands of dollars so that they can get the dress of their dreams, other parents don't want or can't afford to do that. But there are other ways a parent can help their daughter have her dream prom dress. Take David Herron for example. His daughter Mariah was having trouble finding a prom dress made of camouflage fabric within her price range, so he made her one.

Pretty in Pink? More like pretty in camo! The video above, which was shared by, shows Mariah in the winter white camo dress her father made her. It took him two months to finish it. As he explains, it has tops of shotgun shells for the buttons, to replace the flower buttons called for in the pattern he used. Apparently, Herron learned some sewing skills when he was serving in the military. Mariah accessorized with a pair of boots to go with the dress.

It's different, but creative! Mariah gets points for wanting a dress that speaks to her own taste and identity, and Dad gets major points for going above and beyond in giving his little girl the dress she wanted.

I can't imagine my own father sitting down at the sewing machine to make me a dress for the prom, but I do recall him sitting on the couch, watching the hockey game or maybe some golf while snapping my Barbie doll's head back or fixing Ken's leg, which would sometimes come off when it came time to switch him from his casual pants to his formal ones. (Ken's pants were always super tight and very difficult to change.) Dads are awesome sometimes.

Camo prom dress

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