A-Rod And Madonna Sex Tape?

Stop the presses! This could be the most explosive celebrity gossip story since O.J. piled in his white Bronco or it could be more smoke than the Fountain Of Youth. We’ll probably know within a few weeks.

According to The Daily Star, a sketchy Bob Crane imitator installed a hidden camera inside an apartment where a rendezvous between Yankee third baseman Alex Rodriguez and the Material Girl took place. He is now alleging the nanny cam caught the two fornicating and is shopping the sex tape for a reported two million dollars. Move over Pam Anderson, get out of the way Kim Kardashian, this taped glory hole could ruin two relationships, sell millions of copies, and send its cameraman to jail for a long, long time.

But don’t get out those credit cards just yet. There’s absolutely no evidence this cassette exists or that anyone is fucking anyone on it, but it seems bizarre someone would shop a non-existent tape for mere publicity reasons, especially since even speculating about said filmed romantic tryst admits one invaded others privacy, as well as burglarized an apartment.

I don’t even know which side to root for here. I’m completely against taping others without their consent, but I’m also a fan of celebrity sex tapes and this one could be the fucking king of all sex tapes. Stay tuned for more details.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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