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ROSARIO DAWSON challenged moviemaker QUENTIN TARANTINO on the set of her new movie DEATH PROOF after he made her character leave a friend to get raped. The feminist actress admits she had huge problems with the scene because she felt one woman wouldn't leave another behind if she felt she was in harm's way - but controlling Tarantino refused to listen to her complaints.

Dawson says, "I talked to Quentin about it several times, because I had a huge problem with leaving her there: 'I don't leave that girl behind, I love that girl, we're friends.' "Quentin says, 'No,' (and) I say, 'Can I throw her the keys to the car?' and he says, 'No, you can't, that's not how it's going to work.' I was like, 'Damn!'" Co-star ROSE McGOWAN also tasted Tarantino's controlling nature: "I couldn't change the word 'the'."

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