Sarah Hyland Leaves Event After Fan Allegedly Gropes Her

Modern Family star Sarah Hyland was taking pictures with fans in Sydney, Australia yesterday when the impromptu meet and greet was ruined by one handsy admirer with a serious lack of boundaries. Within minutes, police were on the scene and the man was carted off to jail, but the creepiness still ruined the night for Hyland who got into a vehicle and left immediately.

Details are still very fuzzy on what happened, but according to E! Online, Hyland and some of her Modern Family co-stars were at a Quantas hosted event at Sebel Pier One in Sydney when Hyland decided to linger outside and take pictures with fans. One of them, a twenty-nine-year-old male who hasn’t been publically identified, allegedly put his hand on her breast while they were posing. She screamed, her security guard intervened and several fans reportedly saw her crying before she got into a vehicle and left.

Here’s what she had to say about the situation on Twitter…

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And here’s what her very pissed off boyfriend, Matt Prokop of Geek Charming fame, had to say…

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As famous or as wealthy as they might be, celebrities are still human beings. Their ideas about privacy and personal space might be slightly altered thanks to taking pictures with so many fans, but they still deserve the right to not be touched inappropriately. Hopefully, Hyland will be able to move on from this situation with the confidence to continue interacting with fans, and the alleged groper will get whatever justice it is he deserves.

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