Fans may have been disappointed when Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson ended their marriage, but apparently, the break-up didn’t leave any lasting scars that would prevent either from moving on. Quickly. Reynolds married actress Blake Lively barely a year after the Scar Jo divorce was finalized, and now, she’s apparently ready to walk down the aisle too.

The Marvel starlet’s boyfriend Romain Dauriac popped the question about a month ago. He purchased a vintage Art Deco ring for the proposal, and fortunately, he got a big fat yes. Not a whole lot is known about the mysterious Frenchman. In fact, outlets can’t even seem to agree on his profession. The Daily Mail calls him a “creative agency manager” and People refers to him as a “journalist”. Either way, he lives in Paris, and he’s extremely handsome, though I wouldn't say Ryan Reynolds handsome.

For most American women, marrying a Frenchman would bring with it all sorts of practical problems related to housing and work. For a celebrity, however, most of those concerns are already in play. In fact, the majority of Hollywood relationships end because the two parties have to spend so much time flying to different places and moving around. Halle Berry is currently in a long-term relationship with a dude from France, and that seems to be going fine. In many ways, celebs are uniquely suited to date or marry someone from a foreign country because they can take large chunks of time off and have the disposable income needed to travel.

Regardless of the specifics, Pop Blend’s sincerest congratulations go out to Johansson and Dauriac during this exciting time. More details concerning when they might get married, who will be on the guest list and where they might live will no doubt leak out over the next few months. Until then, there’s no reason to be anything but happy and optimistic that these two have found love. Hopefully, it'll prove lasting.

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