Just days after the shocking death of royal nurse Jacintha Saldanha, many are trying to figure out who is ultimately to blame for what happened. The Australian radio station that employed the two DJs has taken the pair off the air until further notice and has vowed to review its prank phone call policies, but executives have continually refused to assign any tangible blame to anyone on the station’s end. In fact, they’ve even released an official statement saying no one could have predicted the tragic sequence of events that happened.

King Edward VII Hospital, the place where Jacintha worked and transferred the prank call that led to a detailed account of Duchess Catherine’s condition being broadcast over the airwaves, released its own official statement yesterday blaming the DJs for their inconsiderate attempts at humor. Authorities in London have reportedly reached out to the radio station in Australia to see about Mel Greig and Michael Christian answering questions over the phone or appearing at a royal inquiry in England.

Because of the public’s obsession with the royal pregnancy and because of how Greig and Christian’s impersonation of the royal family ended, it’s clear this story is going to hang around for awhile, but what is still uncertain is whether the two will permanently be taken off the air. They clearly didn’t know what was going to happen when they called, but to some, the inconsiderate nature of the call itself should be enough to make them find new radio stations to work at.

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Should They Lose Their Jobs?

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