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Sir Ian McKellen isn’t the most open celebrity when it comes to talking about personal lives, but some matters are too large for anyone to hide forever. The Lord Of The Rings actor revealed this week that he’s been battling prostate cancer for the last “six or seven years”. At present time, the condition is well-contained, but it still requires routine monitoring.

According to The Sun, McKellen began realizing something might be wrong when he started waking up all the time in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. When that didn’t’ stop, he went to see a doctor, some tests were run and he got the tough news.
”You do gulp when you hear the news. It’s like when you go for an HIV test — you go 'Argh, is this the end of the road?’ You monitor it and you have to be careful it doesn’t spread.”

Fortunately, the cancer hasn’t spread at all to this point, and apart from regular check-ups to make sure everything it still on the up and up, the diagnosis doesn’t affect his life in any way. That’s great considering the seventy-three-year-old is still churning out beloved movies such as The Hobbit due later this month.

McKellen has long proven to be a fighter; so, it should come as a surprise to no one that he’s continued to run forward amidst this personal setback. Here’s to hoping he’s got another two decades of great movies in him.

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