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From the world of super-fandom we’ve seen some crazy, crazy creations. Whether it be the always fun fan-made trailers and posters, or those who go so far to make an ab-tastic Jamie Dornan life-size cake, fans are what keep the creative and sometimes a bit creepy creations coming. This time around, in what is just a bit too realistic looking for comfort, somebody decided to take the phrase “looks good enough to eat” to an entirely new level by creating a Benedict Cumberbatch out of chocolate. Belgian chocolate to be exact.

The actor has been on the rise in the last few years, but his fandom, majorly associated with his role as Sherlock on BBC One have been termed Cumberbitches for their serious obsession. According to The Telegraph, this year to launch a new Drama channel on UKTV’s on demand service called uktvplay, a contest was held to find the ‘dishiest dramatic actor’ on UK TV. Over 2,000 women were asked to name the man they find tastiest and Cumberbatch (of course) came out on top. Runner-up in the survey was Broadchurch star David Tennant followed by Game of Thrones’ Sean Bean. To commemorate his delicious win the network commissioned a team of eight people including a sculptor and chocolatier to create an edible model of the actor. And boy did they achieve their goal. Arguably, this looks a little too good to eat in my humble opinion. So impressive.

The chocolate sculpture took about 250 hours to complete and it is said to be made of about 500 candy bars. Using pure Belgian chocolate the final product came out to an incredibly life-like Cumberbatch (with his bowtie and all) and weighs about 40kg. The tasty creation will be on display to the public at Westfield Straford City tomorrow, April 3, and hopefully the Cumberbitches can hold back from taking a taste of their beloved star.

You can take a further look at how this chocolate masterpiece was made in the video below. Hopefully we can get Cumberbatch’s reaction to this ultimate mouth-watering tribute too.

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