I’m not the world’s most active person. When there’s a choice between taking a moving walkway or an escalator, I’m not opposed to gliding along, but there is a huge difference between selecting the lazier way and behaving like a reckless idiot in order to save yourself thirty steps. Unfortunately for one mail carrier, she found herself decidedly on the wrong side of that line recently, and now, a home security system has exposed her shame to the entire world.

The unidentified USPS worker was delivering packages earlier this week when she approached a house in a cul-de-sac. Instead of parking her vehicle in front of the house like a decent human being, she decided to plow onto the lawn and pull up as close to the door as possible. Then, as if trying to out-lazy herself, she took a few steps out of the vehicle and tossed the package onto the porch. She didn’t set it. She didn’t place it. She tossed it, apparently to save herself the exhausting trouble of climbing three steps.

This video should offend pretty much everyone who receives mail, but more aggressively than that, it should offend other fat people. It’s women like this who give overweight people a bad name. There are quite a few larger humans out there who are more than willing to work and do their jobs efficiently, whether it’s tiring or not, but because of people like this, there are many who assume all rotund individuals choose obscene laziness.

Over the years, the United States Postal Service hasn’t exactly carved out a spotless reputation. In fact, there are few arms of the government more commonly complained about than the USPS. Some of that treatment is, of course, unfair, but when videos like this emerge, they pretty much speak for themselves.

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