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Often, the success or failure of an advertising campaign can be measured in how often the company continues rolling with the same theme. Almost two decades later, ESPN is still churning out the hilarious mockumentary This Is Sportscenter spots it started in 1994, and the network doesn’t seem anywhere close to pulling the plug. After all, why should executives go in a different direction when fans are so down they produce highlight videos and put them onto YouTube for free?

Earlier this month, a YouTube user put together a thirteen minute video of his thirty favorite This Is Sportscenter spots, and in recent days, it has started racing around the Internet. Featuring Floyd “Money” Mayweather, Kobe Bryant and many of the sports world’s biggest stars, the clips are all great in their own way, and you should absolutely waste some time having a look at the footage below…

The great thing about the This Is Sportscenter spots is the world they lampoon is constantly providing new material. Every year, new athletes break onto the scenes, others breakdown and plenty of utterly bizarre moments happen. Looking back, the clips are like a window into what was huge at that particular moment. From Kerri Strug to hotdog eating champion Kobayashi, very little has been passed over.

Here’s to hoping the next eighteen years of commercials produce another video just as loveable as this.