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Somehow, there are at least three Americans who have not felt the influence of McDonald's Golden Arches. Seriously, I can understand if you lived in a third world country and have never eaten at McDonald's, but trying a Happy Meal as a kid is more or less an unspoken right of passage here in the land of first world problems! It’s actually impressive in a weird way to go into your adult life without experiencing a breakfast, lunch, or dinner from Mickey D’s. So, what is someone's attitude toward the fast food king who falls into this narrow group of virgins?

Unsurprisingly in this video, they are going to be pompous about the Big Mac. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an advocate here or anything, but these people act like the Big Mac is the apocalypse incarnate of a burger and that’s just not true. You don’t get to over a billion served without making a few fans along the way, and I’d wager more people who try a Big Mac like it as opposed to not. I was about to call shenanigans and close out the video but then came the fries.

Not even the snobbiest of eaters can say no to McDonald's fries, those things are like crack. The ONLY way one could be disappointed with McDonald's fries is if you're one of those people who refuses to eat in their car (a communist) and you wind up getting stuck in traffic. You wait too long between those puppies popping out of the fryer and you’ll be treated to a cardboard box of soggy disappointment. Luckily not even these McVirgins could resist the appeal of the golden crisp fried goodness of the french fry, although one tried to downplay it. It just tastes like a greasy string of fried potato...yeah that’s kind of the point.

My question is why didn’t they try some of the more awesome offerings on the menu? McDonald's breakfast was, is, and forever will be one of my favorite breakfasts of all time, and what about the McRib? I know it’s only available for a limited time, but that sandwich is delicious as all get out for being what it is. Was this video sponsored by McDonald's? I’m hungry now.

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