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Watch Anna Kendrick Get Philosophical In Hilarious Shower Thoughts Video

Actress Anna Kendrick has become one of the most original actresses of her generation. She’s pretty and seems quite smart, but she’s also kinda weird. Which is why watching her in this “Shower Thoughts” video is so perfect.

Anna Kendrick’s Surprising (and Brilliant) Shower ThoughtsAnna Kendrick gets seriously philosophical.Watch more at .Posted by Glamour on Friday, October 16, 2015

This hilarious video comes courtesy of the Glamour Magazine Facebook page, and I’m pretty sure myself and most people don’t use their shower time this well. The roof of my mouth is really a ceiling? Using my laptop to buy a new one is asking my current computer to dig its own grave? Do frozen yogurt headaches burn fewer calories than the ones we get from ice cream? Suddenly, I want to know!

I’m not sure if Anna Kendrick came up with all the insanely insightful ideas, but it wouldn’t surprise me if she did. Kendrick’s Twitter feed is pleasantly quirky and filled with similar bon mots of curiosity and perceptive musings, often targeted at herself. She’s tweeted about subjects as varied as getting made fun of for how infrequently she showers and how cream cheese frosting should count as breakfast. Also, her own loneliness:

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And the sent of Abercrombie & Fitch stores:

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Kendrick is nothing if not a prolific deep thinker.

Following up on a supporting role in Twilight, Anna Kendrick burst onto the scene in the George Clooney starrer Up in the Air as a very determined young businesswoman who fires people for a living. The role solidified her reputation as a star to be reckoned with. That role brought her nominations for over 30 awards, including Oscar and Golden Globe nods for Best Supporting Actress.

While many of her film roles have tended toward independent comedies and dramas, Anna Kendrick has a couple of comedy blockbusters in her resume as well. The Pitch Perfect series, which is currently comprised of two hugely successful films and a third movie on the way, has also showed her to be an effective singer and actress who can easily carry a film on her shoulders. While the case is an ensemble, Kendrick’s character Beca is clearly the heart of the film.

While it’s easy to say that Anna Kendrick is clearly an actress and singer with talent and a sterling ability to choose interesting projects. There’s something even more intriguing about her. Here’s an actress who easily embraces her femininity while also embracing the ridiculous aspects of life, celebrity and her own career. If you can’t get behind oddly observant thoughts from that kind of woman, you can’t get behind anything at all.

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