With all due respect to April Fool’s Day, the best time of the year to prank people is definitely between Thanksgiving and Christmas. With so many decorations up and so many people shopping and wandering the streets, the victims are numerous and the opportunities are plentiful. Plus, since most folks are in good spirits thanks to the holiday season, putting a quick fright into them can usually be written off as good fun.

That’s what the geniuses over at UC Magic recently found out when they put a dude inside a snowman suit, set him up outside a restaurant to look like a holiday display and scared the snowballs out of people with sudden movements. Almost all of the reactions are goofily over the top, and if you have a few minutes to spare, I highly recommend checking the footage out…

It’s a great testament to the people of this country that most of them don’t even have to be asked to pick up the sign. It drops. They instinctively want to help, and in doing so, they set themselves up to be victimized by this comic hilarity. Luckily, everyone seems to have a good time with it, and I’m pretty sure no one peed themselves or did anything too embarrassing.

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