Thousands of people were mingling outside of Buckingham Palace earlier this month when a random dude pulled out a knife and began pacing back and forth. Not surprisingly, a path cleared pretty quickly and within minutes, authorities were on the scene trying to talk the guy down. Unfortunately, he wasn’t in the mood for diplomacy; so, they decided to get a little more proactive by busting out a taser.

The whole thing was caught on video by YouTube user Grant Shepherd. He later uploaded it online and the footage has been moving around the Internet ever since. Take a look at the chaos below…

It’s unclear why exactly the guy decided to bust out the knife, but he seemed completely blindsided by the taser. If you’re planning to act crazy with a weapon in public, you have to be aware someone will probably shoot you with a taser at some point. It’s Police 101.

With the attacker now in custody, his motivation will likely come out in the next few days. Regardless of what his agenda was, the most important element here is that no one got seriously injured.

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