Watch Paul Rudd Offer To Pay People On The Street For Sex

Paul Rudd is a good looking dude. Let’s just be honest. If he threw a suit on, worked that smile and walked into any bar in America, whether he was recognized or not, he could find himself a pretty attractive woman to go home with. He has the eyes and the charm to be pretty damn appealing. Once you throw in the fame, it’s not even really fair, which is what makes the above video so hilarious. It features Rudd running around New York alongside Billy Eichner, asking people if they will sleep with him if he pays them.

Not surprisingly, the offers go over pretty well with just about everyone. An overwhelming majority of the people shown agree to engage in sex with him immediately. A few of them even offer to do it for free, but regardless of whether they demand currency or not, all the yeses are given a shiny and crisp dollar bill. It’s at this point where I would tell you how they reacted after receiving the money, but Billy On The Street isn’t the type of show that pauses long enough to get that type of content.

It’s all energy, all the time, whether he’s talking about football or Christmas carols, and thankfully for viewers, Rudd certainly isn’t above playing along. In fact, he even deserves bonus points for agreeing to blame any no answers on his (mostly) forgotten film Dinner For Schmucks.

In real life, Rudd is married to Julie Yaeger. Together, they have two children and by all accounts, are pretty happy. That being said, she probably realized going into the union that while she should expect fidelity, she can’t prevent everyone from making the occasional runs at her husband. After all, if Cher couldn’t stay away from him, the rest of us can’t be expected to control ourselves.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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