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Regardless of who you believe won the Presidential debate last night, if the event can be turned into a catchy song, everyone's a winner. Schmoyoho took a Motown approach this time around in turning some of the soundbites from last night's presidential debate into a fun little ditty. Check it out ahead!

Schmoyoho, the Youtube channel that recently brought us the excellent "Oh My Dayum" Five Guy's review remix, and "songified" the previous two debates, has turned the recent town hall debate into a song.

It's captioned "Obama and Romney join the would-be motown band, Crowley and the Town Hallians, in the 3rd Presidential Debate."

I personally enjoy the part at about the 1:49 mark when Obama's singing and Romney's in the background dancing back-up. That's where the debate-song really comes together. Candy Crowley on the keytar was a nice touch too.

It's an entertaining installment that, once again, shows Schmoyoho's musical creativity. For those who want a bit more presidential-humor with a musical twist, try the Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney Epic Rap Battle!

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