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Watch YouTube All-Star Vitaly Get Tricked Into Thinking He's About To Have Sex

Men are willing to ignore a lot of warning signs if they think sexual activity might be on the table. I have more than ample evidence of that from my own college years in which I watched my buddies hit on certifiable crazies, and the Internet is awash with evidence of the same shameless lust too. A few weeks ago, I ran a video in which a random hot chick was able to convince 50% of the men she asked to walk back to her apartment to have sex despite meeting less than thirty second prior, but this clip might actually illustrate that same principle even more forcefully.

Earlier this month, many in the YouTube community descended upon Anaheim, California for VidCon. While there, the geniuses from Prank vs Prank decided to use the opportunity to pull a fast one on their buddy/ YouTube all-star Vitaly.

Enlisting the help of a buddy, they convinced Vitaly to leave the bar he was drinking at and walk to a hotel room upstairs to be interviewed for a potential magazine story. When he arrived, he was greeted by a woman who at first seemed like a real journalist, but with each question, it became more and more obvious she was a little more excited about getting busy than asking about his career. As you can see in the above video, by the end, he was handcuffed, in his underwear and asking whether or not his interviewer brought along any condoms. She told him she had, but alas, there was no sexual activity on the horizon.

Once Vitaly thought the interview was leading somewhere, I can see why he took his shirt off and his belt off. I can see why he started flirting with the girl and stopped caring whether she would ask real questions. I cannot, for the life of me, however, understand why he let himself got handcuffed through his leg. That’s the worst handcuffing position ever. Barring some kind of Houdini miracle or incredible contortion skills, there’s no maneuvering in that position at all. So, in retrospect, that’s really all I would advise he do differently. Well, that and he should have made sure his buddies weren’t up to some wild shenanigans in the next room. After all, if you prank people for a living, letting your guard down at an event like VidCon is always going to be a straight up terrible idea.

Here’s to hoping Vitaly is able to come up with a brilliant way to pay Prank vs Prank back at some point in the future.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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