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What Fifty Shades of Grey is Doing to Weird Out Your Mom While She Shops At Target

Just when you thought it was safe to shop for your kids' Marvel heroes toothbrushes in peace, Target goes and does this:

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Jacob B, who posted the tweet that went viral of the new Fifty Shades of Grey personal pleasure collection in a Tulsa Target, has other less savory images of products in the same vein on his feed. But the products themselves don't seem to be what's bothering folks, just their proximity to child-friendly dental hygiene items. Entertainment Weekly reported the ruckus and went so far as to call up the store and ask them: WTF?

Target responded by saying the items were not exclusive to their store (meaning that lots of other outlets are carrying them) and that they put them in the back to be discreet. No word on why they thought that storing cock rings and BDSM blindfolds next to Barbie toothbrushes and day-glo flossers was a good idea. They also protested that the items were also available on their website, though how or why that answers the question is a mystery.

A peek at Target's Fifty Shades shop online (which is waaay more discreet, don't you think?) comes up with copy like this:

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Begging the question: Why isn't the product available in Alabama, Arizona, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Virginia? We must assume it's because those States' archaic sodomy laws prohibit the mere idea of merchandise like this. Meanwhile, if the "official" versions that have been "approved by author E.L. James " don't tempt you, you can opt for "Dr. Laura Berman Anastasia's Delight Kegel Balls". These come in a brightly colored box with the words "SHADES OF PURPLE" emblazoned on them. One wonders: Is this Fifty Shades meets the Artist Formerly Known As Prince?