Britney Spears wasn’t hired for her judging ability. She wasn’t hired for her tactful language or her compassionate smile. She was paid fifteen million dollars to join the X Factor panel in order to convince the American public to turn on their televisions and give Simon Cowell’s reality competition show one more chance.

We won’t know how seductive Spears proves until the show actually begins broadcasting again, but if media coverage translates to viewers, the American public will turn out in droves to see what the “Oops I Did It Again” singer has to say about those auditioning to win five million dollars.

Unfortunately, even if they do, it turns out there may be quite a cost. According to TMZ, Spears’ lawyers were able to add a clause in her contract allowing the pop star to simply get up and leave whenever she doesn’t feel like judging. During her first day on the job, she reportedly left for four consecutive performances, leaving the remaining three celebs to handle all the duties.

Simon, Demi and LA reportedly did fine without Spears, but until the episode airs, there’s no way to know how awkward that might appear on television. And moving forward, there’s no way to know whether this might turn into a regular thing. Seeing Brit Brit missing in the background once in a blue moon might not be a big deal, but if she’s gone during every third performance or gone for one of the favorites' auditions, that could be a major issue.

It seems like Spears will give many viewers a reason to give the show another try, but given the terms of her contract, it’s unclear whether she’s worth it. What do you think? Is Brit Brit worth the trouble? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below….

Is Brit Worth The Trouble?

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