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On the last episode of X Factor, Simon Cowell lectured the three teenage boys who make up Emblem3. He told them they were the least prepared of all the groups, and they needed to start taking the competition seriously or they would be sent home. Whether or not you think they took the message to heart probably depends on how you interpret the following story.

According to TMZ, the guys recently invited some of the other contestants over for a raging party in their hotel room. Unfortunately, the shindig got way out of hand, and other guests called hotel security, asking for the proceedings to be shut down. Some members of the hotel’s management reportedly wanted the boys kicked off the property, but X Factor producers talked the powers that be into letting them stay. Assumedly, if any further incidents happen, they’ll be shipped off to another hotel.

There is a certain level of misbehavior society puts up with from teenagers as they work their shit out, but sometimes people need to just grow the hell up. These clowns are in a singing competition for $5 million. They’re really good---like potentially win the competition good--but they’re not so overwhelmingly good that they can win without preparing. It might seem cool to act like you don’t care, but chances don’t grow on trees. There’s nothing in the world less cool than blown opportunities and missed potential.

Here’s to hoping Emblem3 figures out what matters quickly.