Apple didn’t officially announce the release of its iPhone 5 until this morning, but given how popular its predecessors have been, we all knew it would come at some point. Consequently, what was far more interesting about Apple executive Phil Schiller’s speech today wasn’t the phone’s existence but instead all of the specifics it will offer.

Apparently, the newest model will be far sleeker. A little taller, 18% thinner and much lighter, it won’t feel quite so cumbersome; yet, with a display increased to 4 inches, it will still give users a fifth row for app icons. The increased screen size will come in handy for people looking to watch widescreen movies.

According to CNet, the iPhone 5 will support 4G LTE, which was perhaps the most widely asked for and expected change. The touch sensors have also been built into the display itself on the new model, which should greatly reduce any glare problems.

New information about the iPhone 5 is expected to keep coming out throughout the day and in the coming weeks. Once the initial announcement is made, the goal is to hard sell the product as effectively as possible, and that will require answering all of the further questions people might have. If anything of note comes out, we’ll let you know. Otherwise, begin deciding whether changing over might be in your best interest.

You can take a look at a photo of today’s presentation below…

Photo Credit: CNET/ James Martin

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