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I actually did watch the Emmys this year in order to help our TV Editor/Managing Editor Kelly West liveblog them (you can relive the magic if you so choose here). They were kind of a slog, as is usually the case for me with awards shows that aren't the Oscars. But I loved the Miss America-style lineup of all the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy nominees, which was the amazing dream-team lineup of Amy Poehler (who stepped up to the stage first when her name was announced as a nominee), Tina Fey, Martha Plimpton, Edie Falco, Laura Linney and Melissa McCarthy. And then when McCarthy won-- and you could tell she totally didn't expect it-- the genuine joy on the faces of all the other nominees made it all the better. Now there's this image that actually captures that joy-- unlike those still shots from other awards shows where you can see the other nominees scowling, everyone here seems completely thrilled.

Yes, I know awards are meaningless. But pictures like this, of rich famous people being happy for each other, still manage to make me happy most of the time.

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