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The Best In-Wall Surge Protector

Belkin 6-Outlet Pivot-Plug Surge Protector

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This six outlet unit from Belkin not only only saves space but securely protects your electronics from surges up to an astounding 36,000 amps.

Backing up the utility of this unit is Belkin's thoughtful design, which includes six rotating plugs that swivel to accommodate whatever you're plugging in.

We highly recommend this sturdy surge protector as the hub for TV and home entertainment. With its six rotating plugs and high amperage rating, this unit consolidates that mess of cords into one manageable unit while still safeguarding your electronics.

Key Features

  • Six swiveling plugs
  • 1,080 joule protection
  • Secure wall-mount design

POWRUI Multi Wall Outlet Adapter Surge Protector

Compact Powerhouse
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Though it has less plugs than the Belkin wall-mount, this surge protector from POWRUI is a convenient and modern design. Small, simple, and compact, we won't recommend this mount for your entertainment system but its a perfect fit for kitchens or bedrooms thanks to its three AC plugins and four USB charger ports.

No more carrying around your AC adaptor around the house or having to choose between what device to charge. Just plug your phone charger directly into this mount and you're good to go! And with three extra charger ports there is plenty of room for guests and other devices to charge or power up.

Nice and compact, POWRUI mount won't crowd your outlets and can still handle a substantial 1,680 joule power surge. Great protection from a small package.

Key Features

  • Three plugins and four USB ports
  • 1,680 joule protection
  • Fire resistant poly carbon construction

APC Wall Outlet Plug Extender, Surge Protector

Solid Performer
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If you liked the USB ports on POWRUI Multi Wall Outlet, but want something with a few more outlets, then the APC Wall Surge Protector might be for you.

In exchange for two less USB ports than the POWRUI, the APC Outlet has double (six) the wall outlets for those who need a unit catered more towards bigger appliances and electronics. In a way, it's the best of both worlds; enough USB ports to charge your phone and an ample amount of outlets for everything else.

Topping this unit is a 1,080 joule protection rating and enough output to handle whatever your home entertainment system throws at it.

Key Features

  • Six plugins and two USB ports
  • 1,080 joule protection
  • Compact design with side plugins for all access

ECHOGEAR On-Wall Surge Protector

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Rounding off the list is probably the least traditional design on here. At first glance, the ECHOGEAR On-Wall Surge Protector might resemble a Rubik's Cube but don't worry, this plugin isn't nearly as complicated. With its six pivoting AC heads, the ECHOGEAR unit triples the capacity of your typical outlet and allows you to plugin your devices from every angle.

We find the pivoting outlets to be especially helpful in organizing the mess of wires that occurs behind TV sets. Especially nice about this design is its super thin 1.5" profile, which means this unit can fit right behind couches, TV cabinets, and other furniture with ease.

Like the other units on the list, the ECHOGEAR boasts a standard 1,080 joule protection rating that is sure to keep your electronics safe while allowing you convenient access.

Key Features

  • Unique swiveling AC head design
  • Low profile 1.5" design
  • 1,080 joule protection

Though picking out a surge protector sounds pretty simple and self-explanatory, it does help to know some of the terms to make the best choice. For those who aren't up to par on their knowledge of electricity, here's a simple list of terms to know.


Amperage is the general strength of an electric current, but more specifically the rate at which electric energy flows through a circuit. If a surge protector has a greater amperage setting that means it can withstand higher outages.


A joule is the standard unit of physical work performed on an object and is a similar measurement to amps. One joule equals 3.6 amps.