Unbreakable is proof that not everyone in Hollywood thinks you're stupid.

When you expect a plot twist, it never surprises you…. And if you are watching an M. Night Shyamalan movie, you just know there is going to be one. So the Hobbit entered into the much-anticipated Unbreakable, looking for said plot twist. Confident in my ability to see it coming a mile away, the Hobbit sat back in arrogant presumption, certain that Mr. Shyamalan had nothing left up his sleeve that could possible surprise the Hobbit. When it came, it blindsided me like a runaway train, knocked me flat on my ass, and left me gasping for air.

Unbreakable is not a conventional film. It does not fit the cookie cutter Hollywood movie mold because it contains something that few other Hollywood movies have…. CREATIVITY. While other directors worry about the status quo, Shyamalan is loudly proclaiming that there is another way to make movies. A way that breathes originality, creativity, and life into the film industry. He proves that it is possible to make audiences think, without leaving them with a raging headache.

Unlike big budget films like Mission Impossible 2 or Charlie’s Angel’s, Unbreakable is made with the assumption that the people watching it have a brain. Its not a big budget action/thriller, its not a sex ridden tale of deception, it’s a film that asks the question “What don’t you know?”

One of the most striking things about the film is the soundtrack which is filled with a cacophony of crescendoes and loud beats followed by soft tones at just the right moments to literally drag the viewer, willing or not into the movie. Accentuated by creative and striking camera angles, Unbreakable is not only content heavy but just plain fun to watch as well.

Unbreakable like the Sixth Sense presents audiences with realistic characters flung into an impossible reality where they are forced to deal with impossible and frightening revelations about themselves. But in many ways, Unbreakable surpasses the Sixth Sense if only because it strays so far from any established formula. It breaks rules, strays into unknown territory, but at no point does it lose the audience. Your connection to the characters is absolute, their questions are your questions, their revelations are yours. And in the end, you leave the theatre satisfied and looking for more.

DVD Edition Details:

• Region 1 encoding (US and Canada only)

• Color, Closed-captioned

• The Making of "Unbreakable" Featurette

• Seven Deleted Scenes

• Comic Book Documentary

• Interview with Bruce Willis

• Train Station Sequence with Multi-Angle Feature & Sound Mix

• M. Night Shyamalan's Home Movie, "Night's First Flight"

• Signed, Collectable, Themed Illustrations by Alex Ross

• Booklet

• Still Art / Concepts Gallery

• Audio Commentary by Music Composer James Newton Howard

• Widescreen anamorphic format