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After partnering with Trion Worlds several years ago, Syfy is finally getting its act together with Defiance, an ambitious project that will supplement a Trion Worlds game of the same name with a TV program on the science fiction and fantasy network. Though the program began to finally come together over the summer, there was no casting news for the upcoming show, until today.

Grant Bowler is set to play Chief Lawkeeper Jeb Nolan in the futuristic science fiction show set on Earth. If Bowler’s name sounds familiar, you have likely caught him either on HBO’s True Blood or ABC’s Ugly Betty. However, his role on Syfy’s Defiance will be a far cry from the suave swindler he played on Betty and the werewolf pack leader Bowler played on True Blood. This time around, Bowler is playing a good guy living in Defiance, a town in the future set up over the remains of St. Louis. Deadline is reporting Bowler’s character’s job will be to keep the peace between the human and alien factions living in Defiance. It seems like it will be a difficult task, but he will be helped by mayor Amanda Peirkoff, whom the Chief Lawkeeper may also be hopping between the sheets with.

Defiance is coming from Farscape creator Rockne S. O’Bannon, and will focus on a land torn up by decades and decades of war. Though the landscape will be very rough and tumble, the live action drama should also touch on some more optimistic themes. Amidst the backdrop of the violence, for example, Nolan will set a strong-minded example. We’ll see how the series turns out when it actually gets a release date on the network, but so far it seems like a pretty strong science fiction concept – something Syfy desperately needs. I can’t wait to hear who will be on board as Mayor Amanda Peirkoff!

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