Whether through meticulously detailed documentation or fact-smudging scripted dramas, the true crime genre is on the rise in television, gaining traction thanks to audiences’ grisly curiosity for sensational evil and famed tragedies. And I’m not talking about Lifetime’s headline-grabbing TV movies, but rather the in-depth depictions delivered by the likes of HBO’s, FX’s The People v O.J. Simpson and other similar releases. More are coming, thanks to CBS’ JonBenét Ramsey series and the new Law & Order spinoff.

Here are 11 other real life crimes that would, at some point in the future, be equally engrossing through extended and episodic television series. Most are modern, admittedly, since many older crimes have been explored to death (no pun intended) already, and while some did live large on the 24-hour news cycle, even the crappiest fictional and unscripted shows would still be better than that shovel-fed approach.

west Memphis three
The West Memphis Murders
Three of the most widely known erroneous murder convictions all came at once in 1994, when teenagers Damien Echols, Jessie Misskelley, Jr. and Jason Baldwin were all arrested and given massive sentences for the “Satanic ritual” murder of three younger boys in West Memphis, Arkansas. After 18 years, multiple appeals and several advances in DNA technology, the three men were released for time served after using the rare Alford plea deal, in which they pled guilty but still asserted their innocence. We still don’t know who actually killed those three boys back in 1993, though, and while there has been tons of coverage on the innocence of the West Memphis Three – and that Devil’s Knot movie, if you want to count that – the world needs a Making a Murderer-style docu-series that digs back into this case from square one, going deeper than shows like 48 Hours and True Crime with Aphrodite Jones could in their episodes on the case.

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