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It's that time of year again! The big guy's making a list and checking it twice, so we thought we'd take the opportunity to share our own personal TV-related wishlist in anticipation of the coming new year. Between new and returning shows, not to mention a couple of series drawing to a close, there's so much potential for great television in the new year and we're especially hopeful that our holiday dreams come true this year.

Since Santa's a busy guy, we won't waste any time getting down to the list, which consists of many of the things we hope to see happen for our favorite TV shows in 2013.

For Up All Night's format change to be a stroke of genius and not a complete disaster.
When you factor in the talent of Christina Applegate, Will Arnett and Maya Rudolph, Up All Night hasn't quite amounted to the sum of its parts thus far. It's funny and charming and brimming with potential, but it's not what it could be as a comedy. The decision to switch to a multi-camera format could be the series' final undoing, but we're hoping the format change will be a turning point for the series (in a good way), and that people will tune in so the Brinkleys can stick around! - Kelly West

And also...

- For Community to premiere on schedule, and for Season 4 to resume the greatness of the previous seasons. And for Community to get renewed!

- A third season for Scandal.

- For Syfy's Defiance to be really good and get good ratings.

- That Shawn Ryan's next show gets the viewers it deserves. See also, that the Beverly Hills Cop TV project works out.

- For the last 8 episodes of Breaking Bad to blow our minds. And for news that the cast and Vince Gilligan are moving onto other TV projects in the near future.

- For Joss Whedon's S.H.I.E.L.D. pilot to go to series and be amazing and get good ratings so it lasts more than a season or two.

- For The Office to end well (and include the returns of Michael Scott, Packer, Kelly, Ryan, Karen and Devon, the guy who got fired on Halloween in the second season).

A great network TV game show.
Not new episodes of Fear Factor. I want a clever and interesting way for my fellow citizens to try and win money, and if the networks are smart, they’d wish for the same thing too. The first Survivor finale did more than fifty million. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? used to regularly bring in thirty million. Deal Or No Deal sucked, and that show even did almost fifteen million during its first season. People are willing to amass behind one good new network game show. It just needs to be on the schedule. - Mack Rawden

And also…

- For The Good Wife to follow through on its promise and get rid of Nick Savarese.

- For The Mentalist to tell us who the hell the real Red John is already.

- For the CW to find room in its schedule to bring Hart Of Dixie back.

- For Bones never to do another skull vision episode.

For Hannibal to be delicious, must-watch drama.
Besides a few tantalizing stills, we haven't seen much from Hannibal, however, the second NBC announced Bryan Fuller would be the one serving up the new take on Thomas Harris' iconic character I began salivating. Fuller's sensibilities are perfectly suited to bring the brilliant psychiatrist with an unusual appetite to the small screen and Mads Mikkelsen is an inspired choice to play him. The ensemble is equally impressive with Hugh Dancy and Laurence Fishburne in leading roles, not to mention a slew of Pushing Daisies, Wonderfalls and even Mockingbird Lane alum in support. And all I want for Hanukah is for Hannibal to be even half as tasty as it sounds. #EatTheRude. - Jesse Carp


- Sherlock Series 3 arrives before the year is out.

- For FX to keep expanding its great comedy lineup (Anger Management not included).

- For Tina Fey to join Parks and Recreation (it could happen!).

- That Mockingbird Lane gets a last minute revival!

- David Fincher’s House of Cards to be as good as its cast.

- Ditto for Ray Donovan.

- A Daily Show special that brings all the correspondents past (Colbert, Carell, Helms, Corddry, etc) and present (Jones, Bee, Oliver, Madrigal, etc) together. One can dream.

- An Emmy for Jon Hamm.

- Homeland to return to Season 1 glory.

To finally meet the mother!
For How I Met Your Mother to finally live up to the title and have Ted meet that woman with the yellow umbrella. It’s been a great ride and in its eighth season HIMYM is still funny, but it’s time for the show to step up and give us what we’ve been waiting for. Although no decision has been made as to Season 9 just yet, we think the introduction of the elusive mother is a must in the current season. There’s no reason a ninth season couldn’t happen even after the big meeting; something tells me her identity isn’t the last trick the show’s writers have up their sleeve. - Leslie Kasperowicz

- For Maggie Smith to stay on Downton Abbey and for Dan Stevens to change his mind and stay! And for Downton’s 4th season to premiere here early and not in 2014.

- Please, no more singing competitions!

- For Once Upon a Time to get back on track before I have to give up on it.

- For Arrested Development to live up to our ridiculously high expectations.

- For Game of Thrones to be as good as the creator’s expectations seem to indicate.

A second season renewal for Ben and Kate!
I initially wrote off Ben and Kate as another kind-of funny premise comedy choosing to use a precocious child for quick laughs. I was part of the problem, not the solution, because Nat Faxon is the key to this comedy, despite the cute presence of Maggie Elizabeth Jones. Just a few episodes in, Ben and Kate has found the comfortable rhythm most shows don’t settle into until a few seasons in. Sandwiched between Raising Hope and New Girl the show is the perfect transitional half hour, and it deserves a second season to see where its family dynamics can go. - Jessica Rawden

-For Nassim Pedrad to get more starring sketch roles on SNL.

-For Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey to be a total, gut-wrenching disaster on Idol and for viewers to not be able to tear their eyes away from the screen.

-If ABC picks up one of its million (actually 4) cop comedy projects, that it doesn’t suck and ruin the idea of cop comedies for another half a decade.

-For Project Runway to stop doing All Stars seasons. Too soon.

-For Syfy miraculously to bring back Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome as a TV series. Because seriously, it’s awesome.

- For The Following to be as good as it looks.

-For True Blood to remind me why I started watching in the first place.

For 30 Rock to receive a proper send-off.
30 Rock has been better this season than it has since Season 2, and here’s hoping that run of excellence can continue for the final five episodes next year. It’s less about where the show leaves the characters-- I’m sure Liz and Jack and Jenna will get to live happily (and crazily) ever after-- and more about getting to spend proper time with all of them before we leave forever. Can we get an update on poor Josh’s fate? A few more great bitchy lines from Jonathan? One last return of Jon Hamm’s hook hands? There’s so much good from so many seasons of 30 Rock that it’s impossible to include them all, but after the first half of this season, it no longer seems silly to hope for everything. - Katey Rich

And also…

- For How I Met Your Mother to actually end this season, leaving the chance to exit on a high note.

- When Girls returns in January, that it continues to show the growth it had near the end of Season 1 (and a few more appearances from Adam wearing a shirt)

- For The Mindy Project to shake out the problems and finally start living up to its potential.

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